Here's a list of plays, descriptions, numbers of players, performances on record and those planned. They are listed in reverse chronological order. All playing times are approximate. All these plays are © and such copyright refers to Jim Grover and the year of completion or of first performance as shown. Links to script, original casts, previews and reviews.
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 full-length comic drama for 5 actors, 3 (m) and 2 (f)

This stage play was written with the assistance of Steve Gilmour (and with acknowledgements to Teresa Grover for the rather chilling dream sequence).

You may never believe in history again. © Jim Grover 2012

Booked for a reading by professional actors at ScriptTank, 31st October 2012


A musical play, of a fashion

It is what every little girl dreams of becoming. But for her the dream came true and turned into a nightmare. Then she grew up.

2 hours, 24 musical numbers.

Inspired by an original idea by Chesca Dolecka and due to be completed with the musical assistance of Matt Jones and others. 

WHEN THE PIE WAS OPENED Full-length drame noir for 8 10 actors; 7-8 (m), 2-3( f)

Montana 1917.  An horrific copper-mine disaster on the 'richest hill on earth' leads to a strike for safer working conditions.  When a shady British government agent, a ruthless detective and a charismatic union organiser all appear in town, you can guess that there's going to be big trouble.

Back in 'Frisco, the detective's business partner, Samuel Hammett, has no idea that this trouble is going to fly home to him, no clue as to just how much bad luck one black bird can bring.

This play is inspired by the historical characters and events that were witnessed by or involved Mr Hammett, inspiring several novels and classic films by John Huston, Akira Kurosawa and Sergio Leone. Well, it worked for them!

 Contact Ed Udovick at IMPULSE PLAYWRIGHTS AGENCY for North America or Jim Grover (UK, rest of the world)

THE OPPOSITE OF SHOW BUSINESS Full-length fantasy/historical drama for 5 -8 actors; (3-5 (m), 2-3 (f)

Nobody learns to be a writer. They are born, often at an advanced age, fully formed and house-trained. Of course there's a price, there's always a price. I know, because it was happening to me now and now I was being asked to pay. The tooth fairy suddenly stepped out into the clear light of reality, bringing with her a signed affidavit attesting to the existence of Santa Claus.

First performances Izard County, Arkansas (April - May 2005), director Tommy Hancock. Postponed/abandoned.

Reading by professional actors at ScriptTank, May 2006

London performances at The White Bear, July 2006, director Valerie Lucas.

Script-in-hand reading at The Hideaway, June 2009, director Simon Nuckley.

This is the most true and passionate homage to writing I have ever read! Most stunning and very fascinating! Passion against obsession. I hardly ever saw the price for being a writer exposed in such a painful and sensitive way! This is theatre! To be captured already by just reading a play!    Scene4 Magazine.

"Clever, witty dialogue". "Great Chandleresque atmosphere". "The scene change was a wonderful surprise". "Totally confusing - The structure is all over the place". NPA Script Tank

"As if Tom Stoppard had written for the The Two Ronnies."  

On-Line Programme SCRIPT

GOLF WAR.© 2002/.3 FULL-LENGTH (90 minutes). 5 (m), 4 (f) Scene 1 On-line

BEATING TIME © 2001 A  write-on-line music project (estimate 90 mins). ON-LINE SCRIPT (EXTRACT)

PLAY TO THE GALLERY © 2000 and 2013. Play for 5 actors, 3 (m) and 2(f) 

previously performed as PROVENANCE HELPLINE

REVIEW, On-Line Programme 


GLASS HERO FULL-LENGTH PLAY (90 minutes) for 5 - 6 actors (2f, 3/4m) © 1999 ON-LINE SCRIPT ">
The first full-length play written live on the internet.


Angel Hair © 1999 A SHORT PLAY 
First performed
London (1999), director David Cottis

Most recent performance: Student production, North Wales, directed by Emily Field. .


Pictures in Babcia's Head. © 1998 A ONE ACT PLAY (45 minutes) for 2 actors (2f).
First performed in London (1998) and directed by Robert Tomlinson.
My memories are so real, Babcia. But whose are they, and why can't I believe they are true?

Where do we get our deepest childhood memories and who controls what we remember? Explore war, hardship and displacement and the search for new belonging and identity across three generations.

STUDENT PRODUCTION: 2001 Newcastle School of Performing Arts Drama Dance and Music.

Picture: Rehearsal, Etcetera Theatre. 

Contact Ed Udovick at IMPULSE PLAYWRIGHTS AGENCY for performances in North America.

Changes © 1998 A SHORT PLAY (30 minutes) for 3 actors (2m, 1f)
First performance
London (1998), directed Maarten Laurens

Radio version broadcast October 2013 by Facsimile Productions for  

"Killing him was the easy part".
desperately ill scientist persuades his brilliant young research assistant to break all the rules in order to get a result. Just how far will she go? The topical issue of GMO's is interbred with second chances, smart rats and tropical Lepidoptera.

Included in a project by Andres Herrera to translate English language plays into Spanish for a Contemporary Theatre Anthology, (subject to approval by CONACULTA, Mexican Ministry of Culture . 

Paradise plc © 1997 A ONE ACT PLAY (60 minutes) for 7 actors (2f, 3m, 2m/f).
Public theatre rehearsed script-in-hand reading, London (1997), directed by Stephen Wilson.
Jim Grover

Fi' s lover, Mark, is suicidally perched on a window ledge. Muttering some desperate call for divine help under her breath, she is astonished to find her prayer is answered. Eschatology, late 20th century angst and the over-hyped Y2K bug panic, intermingle in a disrespectful comedy set in this world and the next.

Oil Paint Doesn't Wash Out. © 1997 SHORT PLAY (20 mins) for 6 actors (2f, 3m, 1m/f) 'A Woman bathing in a Stream (Hendrickje Stoffels?)'
First performed
in London (1997), directed by Valerie Lucas.

The inspiration was Rembrandt's A Woman Bathing (National Gallery, London). Themes of art, love, fame and immortality are explored through Hendrickje's memories and their effect on the other characters. The action takes place in the gallery restaurant after closing.

Ideas from this play were later incorporated into PROVENANCE HELPLINE

Picture, Rembrandt's A Woman Bathing.


THE CHANGELING The loss of a child through abduction ⁞is an unimaginable horror, so bad that even the abductors outrageous alibi eventually begins to sound reasonable.

Script now nearing completion.

Picture Terra Lumnus, by PoL Steele

Meanwhile, in a gallery under deconstruction, the on-going project....

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