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Excellent, carefully indexed resource for playwrights and producers. EVERYONE checks on this one.


A great source of advice and inspiration. - the free online guide to modern playwrights and theatre playsThe definitive guide to Modern Playwrights & Plays. 
Lists 68262 plays in English and 10,500 playwrights, selected post the 1956 production of John Osborne's Look Back in Anger at the Royal Court in London. Other useful information and links.
Hand-painted Tamara de Lempicka Reproductions
Galerie Dada sells premium quality hand-painted, oil-on-canvas Tamara de Lempicka art reproductions, available in many different sizes and at reasonable prices.

Daniel Barenboim,

Israeli conductor and pianist, builder of musical and political bridges.

Marlowe in Modern Fiction

 New York Play Development

Stephen Peace, playwright
An easy to access portfolio of plays.

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The Rum Circus are pulling the wires in the understanding of light and dark as Chesca’s oracular vocals soar and sear with beauty over relentless rock ’n’ roll anthems and gentle pop musings that cut as deep as they cool. Imagine the sound of Nick Cave’s red right hand dripping down Lennon’s strawberry fields.
his is the taste of caramel and oak on the tongues of your ears.
Barnaby Thornton - Emap Radio
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Alexander Siloti

Charles F. Barber's biography of a "forgotten" musician.

Left-wing, femalist theatre group based in Chicago. Click to subscribe to RevolutionTheatre_
The British Theatre Guide

Dora Maar Portrait Gallery  
The esssence of Dora Maar and Theodora Markovic  
"You're more talented in the art of deception
than you led me to believe"
Pictorial tribute, with one of my 
CHAP magazine
Strange tweed-encrusted, tea-sipping, pipe-puffing coves, who politely draw your attention to retro-civility, the hat-doffing time BC (Before Casual). 
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