JIM GROVER Jim Grover is just a playwright
A writer who trained as a musician, even performing in the premiere of a Verdi opera. Has acted (how else can you understand how to write for actors?) directed (how else can you trust how directors work?) and has been an occasional if reluctant stage producer.  

Formerly with a regular weekly world-wide audience of 50,000 during a 3 years stint at Haiku Headlines, but more comfortable in the intimate world of theatre as shown here.

UPDATE: A principal feature of theNAKED THEATRE website when it first began was write-on-line, exposing the developmental process of the playwright's craft and inviting comment from readers. GLASS HERO was the first full-length stage work written live on the Internet, and it is understood that  Salman Rushdie is subjecting his latest book to similar scrutiny. Equal credit for this experimental stage to net novelty act must go to PoL Steel, who picked up the idea immediately, promoted  GLASS HERO and subsequent works-in-progress plays through his Scotfestival, The Gathering, EIIF and Flipside, eventually going on to produce the stage premiere of GLASS HERO for the 2002 Edinburgh Festivals